There are many aspects that make foreign education a worthwhile investment.

Students going abroad for their study often hope for a permanent resident status after their study. It give them a chance to live independently, and experience a new way of life in a foreign country. But there’s much more to a foreign education than that — becoming self-reliant is just one of them.

There is a fundamental difference between foreign and Indian universities with regard to education. In India, greater emphasis is given to theory than practical knowledge.

At universities abroad, students are taught how to use theories in solving real world problems, unlike in India where emphasis is given to rote learning. And this is not just limited to teaching, but also extends to the manner of assessments. Universities abroad have continuous assessment and not just one exam, like in India, where the candidate’s future depends completely on it.

At universities abroad assessment tools are different too. Marks are attached to quizzes, projects, class assignments, and students are encouraged to come up with new ideas and add a perspective to what they learn.

Universities in the west have always been known for their cutting-edge research facilities and a high level of infrastructure and this is one of the prime reasons for students opting for a foreign education.

Besides the brilliant research infrastructure available to students , almost all the universities in abroad have fantastic campuses that spread across hundreds of acres. They get to use gymnasium inside the universities .The lectures are often technology driven. Many credits are managed by special software interfaces, for instance, which would enable students to virtually attend classes they missed, and access facilities through the net etc.

Globalisation has enabled students to transcend boundaries and bag employment opportunities in various countries.MNCs, as has been observed, prefer hiring students who have moved out of their homes and had a foreign exposures.An individual who has a foreign exposure coupled with a degree from a well- known university abroad, is sure to get a enviable package from leading companies internationally, given that he/she is also good at his/her work

One of the advantages of a foreign education is that you meet a variety of people from different cultural backgrounds. This not only widens your horizons but also gives you a world view.