Information Technology (IT) revolution takes places everywhere.The Information technology (IT) revolution has brought about a drastic change in India.Organizations implementing IT are able to provide better services and therefore able to improve their businesses manifold.

At present, student community and mostly the fresh graduates are obsessed with IT jobs, particularly the engineering students. Irrespective of their streams, it seems every engineering student wants to land in an IT job. In-fact, the big salary and fast growth is the pull-factor.

The potential of IT

1. IT in educational places

The Government of India has come out with a statement stating that Information Technology (IT) is India’s Tomorrow. Hence the educational institutions have to use IT for teaching the children so that they should be trained in this field also. Well, latest hardware and software can be used and the latest computer languages and packages have to be taught to the students. It is not enough if student of computer science alone has been taught about IT, but also the students of other disciplines have to be taught about IT.

2. IT in hospitals

The hospital management is taking place with the application of IT. Starting from the reception by recording a patient’s name, the IT has been used everywhere in a hospital. A patient’s record comprising his name, age, sex, disease found, blood group, height, weight, blood pressure level, etc. has been maintained as database in a computer in the hospital. So whenever the patient arrives his previous record can be verified easily. For billing purposes also the computers have been used widely in hospitals.

3. IT in banking

Consistent and tremendous improvement has taken place in the Indian banking sector because of the IT revolution. All the private and foreign banks have gone for 100 percent computerization. With the help of computerization, the transaction takes place at a faster rate and the waiting time of a customer in a queue is getting minimized. The banks provide the facility of internet banking, phone and mobile banking with the help of IT. All the branches of a bank are networked. The cost incurred on infrastructure, furniture and employees has got decreased because of the application of IT.

4. IT in railways

Well, the application of IT has provided various benefits for the Indian Railways and its passengers. With the issue of computerized railway tickets, the errors have been minimized and misusers can be find out easily. A passenger can book the train ticket from any part of the country. A passenger can also book the train ticket at his convenient place, because system of online reservation has been introduced.

5. IT in research

Marketing Research (MR) agencies involve in lot of research activities starting from research survey on product development till distribution and measurement of customer response. Manual analysis of data is not used now days. The MR agencies use sophisticated statistical software packages for data analysis and interpretation. Some of the statistical software packages are created by their own for customized problems. Therefore, application of IT tools take place in full swing at MR agencies.

6. IT in share market

It is assumed that gone are those days when stock brokers use to shout at the trading hall of a stock exchange for quoting their price. Now days with the help of computer terminal and internet connection, purchasing and selling of share takes place everywhere. A client can look at the transactions taking place through the computers. The volume of the shares traded and the turnover has got consistently improved because of the availability of online share trading.

7. IT in Ad agency

Creativity and modernity is the slogan which is seek in Ad Agencies. Creativity involves doing things differently. Things can be done differently with the help of IT. The Ad Agencies use lot of software for creating advertisements. Lot of animations and graphics can be done using IT tools.Also ad agencies give enough focus to Social Media these days.

Scope of IT revolution in various fields

1. Higher Education

Formal education requires careful introduction of IT related techniques to upgrade the standards of teaching and there by improving its effectiveness and efficiency. New communication and information technologies have become major resources for teaching and learning in higher education.

2. Web Learning

As the Internet technology is introduced it makes a new revolution in information technology. The wide use of Internet also affected the methods of education. It is a global network and gives the concept of global classroom where any number of students can interact with each other at any time.

3. Delivery System

Well, in most of the business schools knowledge and information are delivered with teaching aids like slide projector, overhead projector and LCD projector. However, in distance mode of learning various other tools like audio-visual tapes, broadcast on radio and telecast through T.V. With access to internet, the learners have a reach to an unrestricted pool of knowledge. In this manner, internet communication is a very useful medium of imparting knowledge. Computer play a useful role in creating learning material. Through multimedia symbiotic advantage may be gathered by integration of various types of information such as clip art, animation graphics, music, voice and live interaction that makes the delivery effective. Multimedia computer can be used for training on management education in a one-to-one situation with the student. Multimedia system is treated to be more learner friendly as compared to T.V.

4. Networking & Library

The impact of IT on libraries is showing wonderful results. The libraries of future will be called electronic libraries. Instead of books, these will have optical disks which could be used at home or anywhere through a small portable electronic reader. Computer applications to library and information field increase the efficiency of the day to day library work. An electronic computer network connecting millions of computers all over the world is the Internet. Today most of the university department libraries usually access to online information service and have CD ROMs and have used them on networks with wider access. Many applications can be administered on the business educational Intranet such as sharing of library resources, projects and research work, faculty interaction and collaboration, student placement information and video conferencing.

5. Distant Education

We are passing through the age of information technology. The new technology likewise other areas have helped in improving distance education for management program everywhere. With advanced communication technology, teaching learning process has become faster, non-conventional and interesting. Distance education acts as a social catalyst in developing countries and supports the objectivist model of knowledge transmission.

6. E-Learning

IT can be used as a mass literary in various forms and education delivery system for millions of children living in far. The Internet can provide access to an unlimited storehouse of knowledge on any subject and IT is just an enabling technology for everyone.