Summer vacation is here. Here we give you some tips  to spend your vacation well.

Take up a job

If you are some one with a great career aspirations, get a job . Many companies hire teenagers and other students  during the summer season . Who’s hiring? Almost everyone. Watch out for job full time and part time job offers from  BPOs, software firms, advertising agencies, newspapers, corporates, hospitals and  hotels etc.

Take up a hobby

Choose your hobby well. Let it be something you’ve been dying to do all your life. First of all, remember to list all the things you’ve wanted to do. Then identify the hobby that best fits your time, budget, and location.


Learn a new skill this vacation. Let it be a music instrument or a crash course on enhancing communication skills. Or it could be a short typing course to enhance your typing skills. Some even may want to learn  something more tangible like a short-term JAVA course or some other computer language. It could be a new language that you could learn. It could also be a semi-vocational course like tailoring or sketching.

Go adventure trips

If you are the adventurous type, the world has suddenly opened up for you. Hunt for new places where you can vacation and conduct adventure sports. It could be a local dam that very few have heard of or it could be the mountain patch that becomes accessible during this season. Explore, talk, and reach out. Go bird-watching, join nature trails, or go back-packing. Remember to do all this based on expert guidance.

Nurture a pet

It could be something as no-high-maintenance like a cat. If you have the will and the time, you could get yourself a dog, a rabbit, a duck, love birds, and such animals. Talk to someone who knows about animals to make your choice.

Do some volunteering

For the socially conscious, may be volunteering with some local social agency might be a good idea. There are many voluntary groups that regularly require youngsters to contribute to their effort. Especially, the NGOs that work with street children and environment. You could enroll up for one of these.

Create a study group

The best way to share knowledge is to create study groups. These are groups of like-minded people, who come together to share thoughts and ideas. Some of the greatest thoughts in history have come due to interactions within the young, like you. Decide on a place and a time. Choose a topic to discuss and run it to ground. Many who are petrified of group discussions can find this activity beneficial.

Learn a new tool

There are some who learn when they create. Learn a new tool… it could be working with a pick-axe or learning to use the scissor well. You could even learn tools like the tools from different ethnicities. For example learn to use a coconut peeler.

Connect with the spiritual self

This could be a good time to de-stress yourself, especially if the next year is going to be an academically challenging year. Learn some yoga and  some meditation techniques etc.Choose whatever you think suits your personality the best. Sometimes doing something as mundane as cooking can be de-stressing for some people. Identify the task that helps you de-stress and works towards a calmer you.

The team from Student Visa Expert wish you a great vacation ahead!. Have fun.