Study in RUSSIA

 The Higher Educational System in Russia has its own remarkable distinction in the world stage. The Institutes / Universities offering higher education in Russia has a total enrollment of more than two million students. The staff of the various institutions include more than 16,250 doctors of science and about 8,70,000 candidates of science who, apart from lecturing, are active in the development of new scientific trends and advanced technology.

The standard of Higher Education in Russia is considered to be most advanced and sophisticated in the world as every educational institution is well equipped and their teaching methods are well regulated streamlined and carves a path for an extensive development of student in their specialties. The students teacher ratio is approximately 7:1.

In Russia there are 48 Medical Colleges. All the Russian Universities to which students are admitted by us are Government run universities and students graduating from these universities will be eligible for registration with the Medical Council of India. All these Universities are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS) Published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which entitles the students to appear for the Screening test conducted by the National Board of Examinations on behalf of the MCI.

The Russian degrees have got global recognition and have topped WHO and UNESCO rankings. The Russian Federation has some of the finest medical colleges in the World. Out of the top 100 colleges in World Ranking, about 30 positions are occupied by the Russian Medical Universities.

In all the Russian Institutions, academic year starts from September. There are two semesters in a academic year, September to January and February to June. First semester examinations are held usually in January followed by second semester in June. Students enjoy two types of vacations in their curriculum. It is winter vacation from 15th January to 7th February and summer vacation from 1st July to 31st August.

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