Study in POLAND

Poland is the gateway for Students to Europe.With a valid Polish visa Students can travel around anywhere in Europe without the requirement of a visa for any European country during their education period.Poland is the first country in the world to have formed Ministry of Education dated as early as 1773 and was the first of its kind in the history of Mankind.
Warsaw, the capital of Poland is country’s largest and most important centre of higher education. In and around the city, there are close to 70 universities and other higher education institutions. Of course, we will be happy to see international students learn Polish, but knowledge of Polish language is not necessary, as most of Warsaw’s universities offer a wide range of courses taught in English.

Their world class academic staff provides a solid European education that attracts more international students every year.An international student will find Warsaw a city full of life, energy and students. While the population of Warsaw does not exceed two million there are 300,000 students enrolled in city’s higher education institutions.

Diversity of higher education offered in Warsaw ranging from nanotechnology, law, business studies to art and music makes student community social and cultural life particularly rich and vibrant.

Poland has a unique atmosphere, wonderful history, friendly people who are hospitable and open to students from other nations. Studying here is not only spending time on acquiring knowledge and skills but it also gives a good chance to find friends for life. One will find, in Poland an environment of people with wide outlooks, who want to work together to secure better future for everyone. Such environment develops during the education process and unites young people with ideas.

If you’ve already decided on an institution contact Student Visa Expert to find out about the application process and visa requirements. If you haven’t decided yet, let our Student Councilors help you in selecting a course, enrolling to study in Poland, visa application guidance and much more till your arrival in Poland.