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Study in New Zealand can be a life changing experience  for you. Educational institutions in New Zealand offer a wide variety of courses and New Zealand welcomes international students at all of its institutions.

New Zealanders value fresh thinking and teach original thinking. When students educated in New Zealand embark on their chosen careers they’re valued for the new ideas they are able to contribute in today’s new world. New Zealand bases its education programs on the British system.

New Zealand’s educational institutions are well regarded throughout the world. There is a great range of opportunities available to international students here: quality secondary school education, a well established network of English language schools, and internationally respected and recognized tertiary education providers.

Students intending to study in New Zealand can be assured of achieving qualifications that are at a standard comparable to qualifications achieved in leading educational institutions in other parts of the world.The primary responsibility for the quality of education delivered rests with the organisation that provides those services. However, quality assurance processes are in place to ensure government and individuals are investing time and money in quality education and training.

 Method to get admission in Universities of New Zealand

 Application procedure

Write directly to the educational institution.Or you can contact your nearest New Zealand Education Centre or Office. There are some High Commissions and Embassies which have specialized NZECs. If there is no New Zealand Education Centre or Office in your country please contact your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission. Contact local agents and representatives. Many New Zealand institutions have local authorized agents and representatives like Student Visa Expert.

Note: When applying to study at New Zealand secondary schools and tertiary institutions, you will be required to send supporting documentation. This may include your education records, transcripts, testimonials, and evidence of English language ability (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS and other tests). English Language Schools do not require evidence of English language ability. Applications must be accompanied by original or certified true copies of academic records (translated into English where necessary and with translations certified).

Process to obtain New Zealand’s Student Visa for international students

Immigration and Visa Information

New Zealand has many agreements with other countries, which allow a person to come to New Zealand for 90 days without a visa. During that time, you can study or be a tourist. Please consult your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission for information on visa requirements. The school or institution you choose can also help you with visa information. However, the standard requirements are:

Complete the ‘Application for Student Visa’ Form :

These are available at the New Zealand Embassy or High Commission and your local travel/education agencies. With the ‘Application for Student Visa’ you will need to include:

A recent passport-size photograph.

Payment of a non-refundable visa application fee :

An ‘Offer of Place’ from a New Zealand education school or institution which states that you have been accepted by the school, the name of the course, the minimum time to complete the course, whether a course fee is required to be paid or the student is exempt from the fee (e.g. scholarship students). The New Zealand institution, which has confirmed your enrolment, will send this ‘Offer of Place’ to you. Evidence of payment of course tuition fee or evidence of exemption from fee.

Note: Students are no longer required to produce evidence of payment of course fees before their applications are approved in principle.

A guarantee of accommodation :

A written assurance from a New Zealand education institution or other persons that suitable accommodation is available to you in New Zealand. Most New Zealand institutions will assist you with accommodation.

Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses and return travel back to your home country. You will need to provide medical clearance and character references ONLY for courses, which are longer than 24 months. Contact the New Zealand Embassy or High Commission for further information on this.

Students will only be issued with a student visa if they have enrolled in an approved course at an institution or establishment, which is accredited to offer it. If your application for a student visa is approved you will need a passport which will be valid for 3 months beyond your initial date of departure from New Zealand.

Living Cost for International Students in New Zealand

As far as cost of living is concerned it is advised that students budget around NZ$10,000 per annum. Tuition fees can range from NZ$ 11,000 to NZ$ 18,000 per annum depending on course/ program of study. Details of costs can be obtained from the New Zealand High Commission, any of the approved Education Advisors or direct from the NZ institution.


New Zealand takes particular care of students’ welfare. NZ institutions assist students in finding accommodation whilst studying in New Zealand. Various types of accommodation are available.

Halls of residence, Student Hostels, dormitories – these are usually located on campus with single or double (shared) rooms. Costs range from NZ$ 500 – 600 per month including food.

Home Stay

Students will live with a New Zealand family with their own room. As a family member, the student has every opportunity to experience the New Zealand way of life. Cost for this (including food) also ranges between NZ$ 500-600.

Apartments/Flats – this is a popular option with Indian students. Most institutions help students find a flat. Students choose their own flat mates. Costs range from NZ$ 450 – 525 per month. This includes food + other expenses.

Get Help from Student Visa Expert

If you’ve already decided on an institution contact Student Visa Expert to find out about the application process and visa requirements. If you haven’t decided yet, let our Student Councillors help you in selecting a course, enrolling to study in New Zealand, visa application guidance and much more till your arrival in New Zealand.