The lure of the beauty of the Caribbean isn’t just for those seeking fun and relaxation. With over 60 medical schools listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), the Caribbean has increasingly become the preferred destination for students seeking alternatives to their domestic medical schools.

The 25 most popular Caribbean medical schools are located on islands varying in size, demographic, and environment. Official languages of a majority of the region’s islands/countries are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Papiamento.

As if the perpetually sunny forecast isn’t enticing enough, doctors-to-be (and nurses, too) who choose the Caribbean for medical school often enjoy the benefits of personalized attention and a small student body typically lacking in large North American or European universities.

Small student-professor ratios permit unmatched opportunities for mentoring and research that might take years to attain at other schools. Caribbean medical schools also provide students with specialties and training opportunities that are difficult to find elsewhere.

From specializing in tropical medicine to fulfilling residency requirements in small family or community-based practices, students who graduate from Caribbean medical schools will possess extensive hands-on clinical experience in settings that will give them insight into the ways in which society and medicine intersect.

There are still more benefits to studying medicine in the Caribbean. While they may be smaller than continental medical schools and may not have the same range or easy accessibility of medical technologies, facilities are modern, and often new.

Then there’s a benefit that’s often overlooked: diverse student bodies. Universities in the Caribbean attract students from around the world.

While this is also true of continental universities, foreign students in large schools often get absorbed into their own unique cultural groups. In the Caribbean, the small admission ratio serves to keep students intermingling regardless of their background.

Students of a four-year Caribbean medical school program generally attend classes on-island for the first 16 months (four Terms) of the basic sciences portion of their education. The fifth Term of the basic sciences is either continued on-island or at a location in the U.S. depending on the institution. Additionally, some programs include two years of pre-medical education, usually on-island, prior to the start of the basic sciences. This may be a viable option for students without necessary prerequisite training, or possibly as the starting point of their post-high school education. The remainder of the medical education process, including clinical training and residency, is often completed in the U.S. and Canada, although some universities offer opportunities further abroad.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY is an independent affiliate of AIM-U International Group, serving in the areas of health care training and teaching. AIM-U has developed a dynamic working affiliation and partnership with renowned organizations such as Columbia Union College (CUC), one of the oldest educational institution in the National capital under the Seventh Day Adventist Group and the Greater Medical Centre Group (GMC). The above association aims at excellence in offering the supportive programs of AIM-U and in achieving the vision of ” Brings health care innovation to serve humanity “.

AIM-U is committed to provide high quality medical education. 70% of the Practicing International Medical Graduates (IMG’S) in USA are from OECS regional medical schools. (Ref : World Bank Development Report for OECS 2004 ). AIM-U continues to contribute towards this mark with high caliber qualified medical and nursing graduates.

AIM-U is one of the new generation developing medical school, which is working towards the above target. AIM-U primary focus is always on intellectual development of the students to prepare them for excellent career path. The uniquely structured academic programs including joint /dual degrees will augment the above objective as an achievable target. AIM-U is very much committed to student performance. AIM-U is closely working with the Government of Saint Lucia and also with its affiliates /associates in USA. AIM-U chartered university which has been recognized by the Government of Saint. Lucia. It is also recognized by ECFMG and listed with FAIMER’s IMED. The school has been approved for World Health Organization listing. The school curriculum and academic programs are prepared and monitored by Members / Specialists of Medical Councils, including Medical School Accreditation Approval and Monitoring Committee, ECFMG, GMC and Medical council of India. AIM-U’s unique medical education programs are based on the proven success of USMLE, which was developed and is being frequently updated by distinguished medical professionals. This will enable the students to acquire sound and updated medical knowledge and ethics, and effectively apply them in practice as knowledgeable, skilful, compassionate, and very successful physicians.

AIM-U is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Labour Relations, Government of Saint Lucia and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The working entity is incorporated under the laws of Saint Lucia. ,Primary functions of this organization include medical and nursing education, research and executive training programs. The Ministry allows the above entity to provide 4 year and 5 Year MD programs for national and international students. After successful completion of MD program, AIM-U students can practice medicine in Saint Lucia, USA and also internationally with the approval of respective licensing authorities.

The University Academic and Administrative Board consists of highly experienced professionals who are leaders in their professional endeavors. Management and faculty of AIM-U comprise experienced and committed professors who are not only knowledgeable but also possess excellent teaching skills. AIM-U faculty members take pride in providing quality education to their students and easily accessible . All Faculties possess a minimum of MD or PhD or both.


Why AIM-U?

  • AIM-U is a new generation medical university, recognized as per the norms of ECFMG, USA.
  • AIM-U Support Programs are offered at CUC campus , which is centrally located near Washington D.C and the School of Medicine is located in St Lucia. According to World Bank report, St Lucia is the 9 th largest contributor of International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) to US practice.
  • OECS regional schools contribute more than 70% of the International Medical Graduates (IMG’S) to USA. Refer World Bank Report 2006 ).
  • AIM-U is offering unique Dual / Joint degree programs in partnership with CUC .
  • The University is managed by well experienced and distinguished professionals in the field of medical education. .
  • AIM-U considers bright and highly motivated students regardless of their economic ,social status by providing fellowships & scholarships.
  • Curriculum is prepared and monitored by experts of ECFMG, GMC, Medical Council of India and Medical School Accreditation, Approval and Monitoring Committee.
  • Institutional guaranteed student loans available through Harvest Bank of Maryland
  • AIMU-U school of Medicine is located in a highly secured and very friendly – serene environment in St. Lucia.
  • AIM-U enter in to the Inter- Institutional partnership with leading organizations such as UNESCO – WPC South Asia for inter institutional projects
  • Successful medical graduates are eligible for licensing process in USA, Canada and Internationally.

Why Saint Lucia?

  • Saint Lucia is one of the member state in the Organization of American States (OAS)
  • Saint Lucia is the 9th largest contributor of International Medical Graduates( IMG’s ) to USA. (Refer the World Bank Report 2006).
  • Low cost of living among the (OAS) Organization of American States.
  • One of the most beautiful and friendly destinations best suited for studies in North America.
  • Low crime rate and most friendly people.
  • Like any other American /OECS destinations, Saint Lucia is easily accessible and there are frequent flights from New York, Atlanta, Miami ,Toronto and London.

Listing / Recognition / Accreditation

United States of America
Recognized for US Medical licensing Process through Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates- USA )
Approved and listed with FAIMER’S IMED
Affiliations with ACGME Teaching Hospitals (through GMC Affiliation)
Government of Saint Lucia
Recognized and approved by Ministry of Health, Wellness, Family Affairs, National Mobilisation, Human Services and Gender Relations The Government of Saint Lucia.
Accreditation by Ministry of Education and Culture, The Government of Saint Lucia.
Approved and Listed for Canadian Physician licensing process
AIM-U is approved and listed with World Health organization / WHO – AVICENNA Directories.

AIMU-CUC Centre for Medical Science programmes in Washington D.C. jointly promoted by CUC and AIMU . CUC is one of the prestigious educational institution in the Washington. D.C Metro area, AIMU is an accredited Medical school recognized by Government of Saint Lucia.

Note: American International Medical University, School of Medicine is a new and developing medical school chartered in 2007. AIM International group (the parent organization of AIM-U ) is offering IMG and USMLE training program since 2003 . This experience evolved in to successful graduate medical Program in Saint Lucia . The core MD facility which is located in Saint Lucia with limited physical and infrastructure facility is going through a massive make over ,Once completed the facility will host wide variety of health care and executive training programs in Saint Lucia. The MD support programs such as premedical , dual degree option of non medical program ,Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Clinical rotation are being offered through AIMU-CUC Centre for medical Sciencein USA. The prospective students must aware of the construction activity in the Saint Lucia campus.

Regular Academic Programs

AIM-U Medversity, School of Medicine offers variety of programs / Degrees as follows.

  1. MD – Doctor of Medicine (4 & 5.6 years).
  2. MD / MBA Doctor of Medicine & Master of Hospital Administration, Dual Degree Program *
  3. MD / MPH Doctor of Medicine with Master of Public Health – Dual Degree Program *
  4. MD/ MS. Doctor of Medicine with Clinical Research Dual Degree Program *

Duration of the programs

  1. The comprehensive MD Program for 10+2/intermediate / system will be of 5.6 year in Duration.
  2. The Graduate /Pre-Medical Diploma /degree holders will go through the MD Program for 4 years.
  3. The dual program option will be of 5.6 year in duration.

MD Program (Doctor of Medicine)

  1. MD (Doctor of Medicine) 5.6 Years
  2. MD (Doctor of Medicine ) 4 Years

Doctor of Medicine (5.6) Years: The 5 .6 Year program consist of 3 phases

  1. Phase I – Premedical Program 4 Semesters
  2. Phase II – Pre-clinical Program 5 Semester.
  3. Phase III-Clinical Rotation / Clinical Clerkship 5 Semesters


Dual programs


  • M.D./M.S. Program
  • M.D./MPH Program
  • M.D./M.B.A. Program
  • M.D./Ph.D. Program*

* Available as faculty program jointly offered with affiliated institutions


Clinical Programs

Clinical Exposure at the premedical stage of the program.

At AIMU we believe in rigorous importation of hands on clinical skills from the Premedical phase of the program, at premedical the student centered approach is the tool to teach basic nursing skills, stimulated learning environment is the key to teach patient handling skills . At the end of the premedical program, the AIM-U curriculum requires mandatory certification process for comprehensive CPR training .This basic clinical skill training and practical exposure to the laboratory Medicine program allows the students to practice advance skills during the preclinical / Basic Medical Science phase . Cadaver dissection also starts at the premedical stage of the program. This is another important exposure during premedical phase of the program.

Clinical Exposure at the Basic Medical Science.

The students are encouraged to learn the clinical skills on two different approach,

  1. Student centered approach with problem based learning system.
  2. Real time patient interaction with case based learning system.

These above methodologies used to teach basic medical science subjects such as Pathology, physical diagnosis and medical psychology and psychiatry. This experience is possible through regular nursing home visit, At AIM-U students have access to 1.Marian Nursing Home, 2.Saint Lucy home and Corner Stone psychiatry home. Student enjoys their visits to this nursing homes and the learning experience is amazing.

Clinical Rotation / Clerkship in the ACGME affiliated teaching hospitals in USA .

After successful completion of the Basic Science program, students enter the Clinical Medicine Program. The Clinical Medicine components consists of 72 weeks of clinical rotations through various medical specialties in hospitals under Greater Medical Centre Group as well as with the hospitals directly affiliated with AIM-U in the United States and also in St Lucia. During these clinical rotations students will work directly with physicians and hospital staff, conducting physical examinations, history taking, case presentations, laboratory analysis, and attending workshops, and conferences . During the Clinical Medicine Program, students will have 48 weeks of core rotations in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. The remaining 24 weeks are elective clinical rotations which the student may select based upon their area of Interest .

Students will be required to complete an clinical evaluation and an examination at the end of each core Clinical Rotation. This score will be averaged with the overall score of performance given by the preceptor. An overall score of 80 % is required to pass each clinical rotation. Students have less than 90 % attendance deficiency need to repeat the program, Violation of hospital rules or a pattern of inappropriate or unprofessional behavior may result in suspension or dismissal from the clinical medicine program. Written examinations are not required in elective rotations. However it is mandatory to complete the Exit II ( Comprehensive Clinical Examination through National Board.



Foundation Fellowship

  • Minimum Marks – 80% in Basic Eligible Examination / or Graduation / Diploma 10 +2
  • TOEFL or IELTS or Equivalent Exam with 75 %
  • 80 % in the FAT or 23 in MCAT
  • Fellowship quantum – up to 40 % of tuition fee.
  • Based on the cut off marks, the fellowship will be allotted.

Economic Deprived Scholarship

  • Minimum Eligibility Marks – 80% in Basic Eligible Examination / or Graduation / Diploma /10 +2 system
  • The Candidates parents should not be under Income Tax Bracket.
  • Fellowship – Up to 60%.

Creator Fellowship / Scholarship

  • Based on the performance of the candidate in the Pre medical Program.
  • Fellowship- up to 30 %, which will be available for observer ship with placement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Rotation Program

Q.) How long is the clinical rotations program?
A.) 72 weeks (Five semesters). This includes 48 weeks of core rotation and Minimum of 24 weeks of elective rotations.
Q.) Do I have to set up my own rotations?
A.) No. AIMU is responsible for setting up all of your rotations in association with GMC . However, if you would like to do a rotation in a particular hospital where you know a physician who might be interested in working with you, you may inform the Office of the Dean of Clinical Affairs, and they will work with you to try to arrange your request.
Q.) Where can I complete my clinical rotations?
A.) Students can be placed in several states across the U.S. in the hospitals under GMC for their clinical rotations. Please contact our offices for up to date information on which states and/or countries currently have available rotations.
Q.) Do you accept transfer students directly into the clinical rotations program?
A.) Only students from an accredited medical school may be accepted for transfer. An opinion on whether a direct transfer into the clinical program is possible only after reviewing official transcripts from the current medical institution.

USMLE Step 1 and Step 2

Q.) Are AIMU students are eligible to take the USMLE Examination?
A.) Yes. The ECFMG which is the regulatory body for all foreign medical graduates, ECFMG through AIMU ‘s ECFMG –EMSWP allow our graduates to appear for USMLE .
Q.) When do students take the USMLE Step 1 and 2?
A.) Step 1 is usually taken by students within four months of completing the Basic Sciences program. Step 2 is taken towards the end of the clinical rotations.

Living in USA

Q.) What is the monthly cost of living on the USA
A.) it is not fixed one ,it depaeds uopon students how ever on an average USD 500 to 1200 depending on the facility
Q.) Will I need health /malpractice insurance?
A.) yes check with your insurance company for your plan, to see whether they will cover you while out of the United States or Canada.

On Applying for Residency

Q.) When do I start applying for residency?
A.) You should start planning for your residency in the 3rd year of medical school. By then you should have narrowed down the areas of medicine in which you would like to apply for residency.

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