Date : 11/12/13
Timing : 3 pm to 5 pm
Mr. G. Rebai  ( Sales & Marketing Manager from BHMS Switzerland)

BHMS, located in the heart of Lucerne, is a member of the Bénédict Switzerland group of schools, founded in 1928 whose mission is to provide higher education for adults with a desire to succeed. Bénédict School is one of Switzerland’s largest private educational organizations and is educating each year more than 15,000 full- and part time students.

At Bénédict Zürich campus, about 8’000 students per year study languages, various ancillary health programs, information technology, security management, commerce apprenticeships and business management programs leading to Swiss Federal qualifications. We offer craft, technical and management-based diplomas, an undergraduate degree and an MBA program.

At BHMS Lucerne campus, about 500 students per year have the opportunity to prepare themselves for their future management roles in the hotel and hospitality industry. BHMS in collaboration with Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen, UK and City University of Seattle, USA, offer a Bachelor of Arts degree, an MBA/PGD diploma and a MBA degree.

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