GCompris is an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for young children.Gcompris provide education through games. There are over 100 educational activities in different categories like reading,algebra,science,geography etc.on this high quality software.

The Linux version of this software is completely free, however OSX and Windows versions are limited to a smaller number of activities until a small registration fee is paid.

With relevance to GCompris in special education ,it is  learned that Gcompris is good tool to provide education for children with autism. The activities(games) specially tailored for such children help them to improve considerably from their present state,like helping them to gain improved attention span.

There are a number of Agencies and NGOs working with special education for differently abled children . But using ICTs for differently abled and students with special needs are still limited.

Here is good initiative from Kerala. The Insight project ,a project jointly implemented by the Kerala  State IT Mission(KSITM) and SPACE (Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment) use ICTs for differently abled . For past one year or so in certain project they were using ICTs for helping children with autism as well as other learning disabilities. Mainly they were using Free Software tools like  GCompris .

They have documented those activities using GCompris  and have made it freely available online.

You can download the resource book (pdf) here