New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAID) provide a number of scholarships for inter national students. According to NZAID education is of critical importance in achieving a safe and just world free of poverty.

As part of its education strategy, NZAID provides scholarships to citizens of some developing countries to undertake vocational training or tertiary level study in their home country, in New Zealand or in the Pacific region.

The purpose of NZAID’s scholarships schemes is to enhance the skills, training and knowledge of selected individuals and thereby build capacity to contribute to the sustainable development of key areas in their home country. By awarding scholarships in areas where NZAID has committed funding, such as education, health, growth and livelihoods, leadership and governance, and economic development, these scholarships can contribute to NZAID’s mandate of poverty elimination.

To achieve this, NZAID awardees are required to return to their home country on completion of their scholarship to contribute to the development of their country through positions in government, civil society or private sector organisations.

The New Zealand Government offers the following scholarships to candidates of selected developing countries:

NZAID scholarships schemes, including the country eligibility for each scheme, are subject to ongoing review and amendment. Applicants should check their eligibility prior to submitting an application. NZAID reserves the right to decline any application before it has been fully processed, in the event of eligibility changes.

Incoming Scholarships for International Students

University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship

The University of Auckland established these Scholarships in 2000 in order to attract and assist International students to pursue doctoral research at the University.

The Scholarships are available annually to students enrolling at the University of Auckland for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Applicants are expected to have an excellent academic record. The Scholarships are only tenable by students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of New Zealand or Australia.