There is a always a  scope for young energetic youths making their career in the Police/Law enforcement services. To bring to book antisocial elements within the society without harming any body’s freedom government has set up many Police, law enforcement and investigative services to handle various kinds of antisocial activities with utmost effectiveness and professionalism. Overview of some of them is given here below with the career prospects for the younger generation. Some of the important Police and Law enforcement agencies of India are:-

Intelligence agencies in India:-

  1. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  2. National Investigation Agency (NIA)
  3. Intelligence Bureau (IB)  and
  4. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

Police Services in India :- 

  1. Indian Police Services (IPS)
  2. State Police Service.(SPS)
  3. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

Other law Enforcement Departments

  1. Excise and Taxation
  2. Customs
  3. Central Vigilance Commission etc.

 Young aspirants can join any of these services  in various capacities like CBI Officers who use their intelligence to protect the nation from threats of antisocial elements and to bring to justice those who violate the law, with the help of support personnel like intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, information technology specialists, and other professionals to carry out their mission. These officers can join any of the specialized departments of CBI like Anti Corruption Division that deals with cases of corruption and fraud committed by public servants of all Central Govt. Departments, Central Public Sector Undertakings and Central Financial Institutions. Economic Crimes Division that deals with cases including bank frauds, financial frauds, Import Export & Foreign Exchange violations, large-scale smuggling of narcotics, antiques, cultural property and smuggling of other contraband items etc. Special Crimes Division that deals with cases of terrorism, bomb blasts, sensational homicides, kidnapping for ransom and crimes committed by the mafia/the underworld.

Like CBI officers the officers of IB are responsible to garner intelligence from within India and also execute counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism tasks (Intelligence Bureau) where as the duty of  the officers of another intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) is    to  collect external intelligence, counter-terrorism and covert operations. In addition, it is responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons, in order to advise Indian foreign policymakers. The information collected by RAW is also used by several investigating organizations in the country such as the CBI.

Higher level officers in these special services are recruited from amongst the IPS officers of extraordinary caliber and officers of some lower ranks are also recruited by direct recruitment by these agencies.

Police Officers at all level in the police hierarchy in state and central police services work in partnership with the public to reduce crime and enforce Central, state and local laws. Increased crime and a more security-conscious society are contributing to the rising demand for police services while generous salaries and benefits are attracting more people to the profession. In police organization police officials can work as Detectives (CID officer).  Their main role is to investigate serious crime and to act upon intelligence, which can lead to the arrest and prosecution of persistent offenders. Dog Handler they go through a rigorous evaluation procedure and receive intensive training once selected for this role. Trained dogs are then used to search for explosives, weapons and drugs. Also they search missing, lost or injured people, protect people, rack and detain the offenders. These officers are trained to know how to care for the dog, team work, self-confident, interest of working with dogs and must have very good communication skills. Job of Dog Handler in police is very much required and vacancies for this are regularly updated.  Career in police as Firearms Experts (Sharp Shooters) is also becoming very demanding and officer has to risk his or her life while saving the others.  Economic Offence Experts deals with company business fraud, major deceptions and corruption allegations, and also provides assistance and guidance for area detectives on various matters pertaining to fraud investigation.  Special Investigating Officers jobs exists primarily to acquire intelligence for the protection of national security, in particular protection against terrorism, espionage, sabotage, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and from actions intended to overthrow democracy by political, industrial or violent means.  With the mounting population and too many vehicles on the road the proper management of traffic is getting important. Traffic police officials keep the constant vigil of this. They ensure road safety by enforcing traffic laws, including those relating to speeding and drink driving.

Some of the designation of Gazetted and Non-gazetted Police official according to their hierarchy are:-

Gazetted Police Officers

  1. Commissioner of Police
  2. Special Commissioner of  Police
  3. Joint Commissioner of  Police
  4. Additional Commissioner of Police
  5. Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police
  6. Assistant Commissioner of Police
  7. Deputy Commissioner of Police

Non-Gazetted Police Officers

  1. Inspector of Police
  2. Sub-Inspector of Police
  3. Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police
  4. Senior Police Constable
  5. Police Constable
  6. Police Head Constable

Forensic Scientist use cutting-edge scientific techniques to preserve and examine evidence and develop investigative leads in connection with civil and criminal proceedings. Often, forensic analysts specialize in areas such as DNA analysis or firearm examination. As developments in technology increase the role of forensic science in the court room, the demand for forensic scientists will continue to grow.

Customs and Excise Officers work for the Custom/Excise department with prior mission of preventing terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the Country. Customs Officers are also responsible for smooth international/Interstate trade, collecting import/Excise duties and enforcing Indian/State trade laws. These officers control and protect the nation’s borders and are being actively recruited for a number of openings in many locations around and inside the country.

Career in these services really needs strong self-discipline, physical fitness and self-control during difficult situations. Growing concerns over the quality of life especially with crime, increased government revenues in a strong global economy, and a shortage of qualified candidates have contributed to a demand for police jobs in India and other law enforcement candidates throughout the world. A more security conscious society and growing concern about drug-related crimes, also contribute to the increasing demand for police jobs in India and across the world. This has opened a flood gate of opportunities for the Indian young turks, who look forward to a successful career as Police Officers in various law enforcement and allied services,  Young and budding aspirants without any constraint of sex can join these powerful jobs by clearing various eligibility test taken by various state and central government’s recruitment agencies like. UPSC, State Police Services, SSC graduate and Clerical level exam. etc to name a few of them.