Canada has been ranked as one of the best countries to reside and study. Education in Canada has been marked as world class. The quality of International education offered in Canada is catching the attention of many overseas students to go  and study there.

Canada PR under study permit

It is very simple for an overseas student to become a permanent resident as he/she is well versed with the economy and society of Canada. An overseas student can apply for permanent residency if he/she fulfils the following requirements:

  • The student should be a graduate from a Canadian School
  • Student should be familiar with English or French Language
  • Should posses qualifying work experience

Benefits of Canadian student visa

  • Student visa for Canada holds provisional resident permit
  • Students are allowed to work on campus without any work permit
  • Allows student to work off campus during summer and additionally students can take up part time jobs in college canteens along with study [No work permit required]
  • Can work in other optional professions having work permit [useful for Canada PR]
  • Working while studying helps the student to understand the work environment in Canada
  • Student can manage his/her study and living expenses by working part time
  • Work permit helps in gaining Canadian qualification which is asked for when applying for PR
Visa requirements for Canada student visa
  • Student should be registered with well known Canadian university, school or college
  • Should be able to show sufficient funds  required for tuition fees and living cost
  • Should show the evidence of return transportation to their native country
  • Needs to submit valid passport
  • Needs to clear the criminal check
  • Needs to pass medical test
How to extend the student visa?

A student studying in Canada can extend their student visa if he/ she wishes to stay in Canada for a longer time.  The procedure is very simple but needs some requirements to be fulfilled, which are as follows:

  • Should apply for the extension before the present student visa expires
  • Should submit the evidence that he/she will be studying in a Canadian university/college during the extension period of student visa
  • Apply for extension before 30 days of current visa expiry date
  • The validity of passport should be till the extension period of student visa

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