From the simplest web page to the most complex online business or application, web developers make the Internet run. Web Developer has become one of the most sought after career option amongst the present day youth.  “What is your web site address?” or “what is your email address?”  have become two most frequently asked questions of present times. These words “website” and “email address” has assumed larger than life importance as they have attained the status of an identity for the individual or an organization they belong.

Do you have a passion for figuring things out? Do you love finding new ways to solve problems? Web development careers are guaranteed to hold your interest. There will always be something new and exciting for you to learn as Web technology continues to race forward.

Time is not that far away when a web site address or an email address will be  considered as the most appropriate and authentic identity of an individual/organization. But to make a good web site one has to take the services of web professionals like Web Developers, Web Designers,  Programmers, Data Base Administrators etc.

Web Developers are those professionals who take care of the functionality of the website contrary to the Web Designers who expertise in placement, colors, alignment, visual aesthetics, and other issues to make web site look good. However a really good Web Developer can also have abilities to architect a site that will make sense and function effectively. With the internet becoming larger with every passing year, as more and more people come online and more and more businesses build larger presences, the incentives to become a Web Developer has become even larger. To beat the competition and be in the top ranks in this fast growing field of web development  one has to  aptly  qualified & efficient in use of web development tools and software.

Eligibility to be a web developer   

1. Educational Qualification 

Though no specific essential educational qualification is required to be a web developer except thorough practical knowledge of a combination of different web development tools and software’s required to make a website but at the same time if you want to work with a reputed organization you should preferably have a degree or diploma in Computer application . However, higher the qualification and more the experience of the web development wider will be the scope for getting the work in various organizations of repute.

2. Age

Minimum age to work in organized sector is 18 years and Maximum age is from 25 to 40 years depending upon the experience and quality of work as well as the organization one is applying in.

How to become a Web Developer

After passing plus two the aspiring web developers have to apply for the degree or diploma course in computer application like BCA, B.Sc Computer science, MCA etc to name a few,  which is being offered by many private and public technical and web designing institutions throughout the country.

However some reputed institutes with limited seats may take an aptitude test before granting admission in their institutions.

During their studies the aspiring candidates can choose any of the following web development type and can specialize in their area of interest. There are different kinds of web developers for different sections of a web site i.e

  1. The interface, or that part that we all see, read from, and click on. This section is mainly ruled by JavaScript, HTML, CSS, DHTML, and Flash.
  2. The middleware, or business logic layer, which contains any and all commands sent from the interface to some other component. Languages that rule the roost here are PHP, JSP, ASP, and Cold fusion.
  3. The backend systems, which is where all the data lives-either in XML files, flat TXT files, or a database system like mySQL or Oracle.

After completion of graduation and acquiring the knowledge and skills to use the development  tools one can applying against the vacancies lying vacant in various website development companies. For getting a decent job the aspiring candidates should build a portfolio that includes a variety of websites you have developed. Free lance working can be another flexible option to the budding web developers with the knowledge of:-

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. PHP or some other server-side language ( to do the work)

To do it Effectively, you’ve to know

  1. SQL
  2. JavaScript
  3. libraries and frameworks
  4. a bug tracking system
  5. Subversion or some other revision control system
  6. IDEs
  7. Apache
  8. Linux command line

To do it competitively well the web developer must be well aware of:

  1. usability
  2. unobtrusive JavaScript
  3. separation of concerns (MVC, etc)
  4. testing
  5. customer relations
  6. HTTP protocol
  7. AJAX

Web Developer Career Prospects

Career prospects for a budding web developer are quite high as there is no dearth of jobs in various multinational IT companies but the buzz word is that the aspiring candidates should be well competent in its area of work. Once got a break there is no stopping back for the web developers with a bit of experience and a strong portfolio of work.

Web Developer Salary

Web developer can get Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 to start with, some experience along with good creative skills can get him as high as  Rs.50,000 and even more than that.

Difference between a Web Developer and a Web Designer

A web designer is someone who has training in visual design that includes expertise in placement, colors, alignment, visual aesthetics, and other issues to make website look good.

Web developers are the professionals whose focus is on effective functionality of the website. Web developers will make sure that the site actually does something besides good to watch and be pretty.

A really good web Developer can also be a web Designer, who helps you architect a site that will make sense for your needs.

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