If you are living abroad, here are some good New Year’s resolutions that will help you adjust better to the country in which you are living.

1. Learn the language. There are many ways to accomplish this . Taking an intensive training classes in the country is one  way. Perhaps there is a local with whom you can trade lessons, you teach them Hindi or so  in return for learning their language. Don’t be shy, practice your language skills with native speakers whenever you get the opportunity.  You will make mistakes, but native speakers will appreciate your efforts in learning their language.

2. Get to know people.  It is important to meet people in your new country. You should try to develop a mix of friends both from your home country and from your new one.  Try to associate with happy positive people.  Become involved in the community, volunteer, join clubs, or take classes.

3. Explore your new country. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a new culture and a country.  Find out the places to go and explore.  Ask your new friends where they recommend visiting.  Read guide books on the country.  Visit a terrific beach, a great museum, church or restaurant.

4. Try a new activity. Try something you have never done before.  If you live near water, how about attempting surfing or kayaking?  Does gardening with new plants and vegetables sound more enticing?  How about yoga or dance class?   You could take up birding and get to know the birds that are in your area.

5. Read about your country. Find out about the history of your country.  You don’t have to read the largest tome in the library, but a rudimentary knowledge of the history of the country is useful.  Is the country rich with authors or poets?  Try reading some of their works.

6. Listen to the music. Music expresses the mood and language of a culture.  Plus it is a bonus in helping to learn a language.  You can listen, sing, play or dance to the music and enjoy it.

7. View the arts. Like music, art expresses the history, values and culture of a country.  It may be expressed in crafts, in visual arts, sculpture or architecture.