With us you can study MBBS in the following universities :

Country : USA

American International Medical University:

As an institutional partner of Washington Adventist University, AIM-U’s US campus is centrally located at the historic Takoma Park, Maryland in the Washington Adventist University and Hospital campus. The Washington Adventist hospital is an important health care provider in the national capital region.   AIM-U‘s prerequisite and support programs are offered at AIMU-WAU Centre for Medical Science  located at Washington Adventist   University, Takoma Park ,Maryland . AIM-U is one of the new generation med school, which offers residency focused high yield USMLE syllabus centered program.   AIMU offers 4 year MD  for 10+2  students .   The med school is located in St Lucia which is about 3 hrs flight from Miami ,USA  . 4 year MD program consist of 10 semesters, 5 semesters of pre-clinical and 5 semesters ( 6 trimesters of clinical ). AIM-U’s premedical, 5th semester and clinical rotations programs are offered in Washington DC. The clinical Rotations are also offered through AIM-U’s affiliated hospitals in   Atlanta, Chicago and few hospitals in London ,UK

All the successful students of pre-clinical will have option to select their choice of city  for clinical Rotations . By virtue of recognition with ECFMG / FAIMER’s IMED , the successful medical graduates  will be eligible to  apply license  in USA ,UK and in India  . The international recognition of the university    has been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) . The school is listed with WHO-Avicenna directories. AIM-U also approved for national board for medical examiners’ for its valuation system.

The school also approved by MCI so AIMU Graduates  may   practice medicine in India . (http://online.mciindia.org/online/ECApplicationForm.aspx ) .

AIMU offers unique Post graduate diploma and certificate  program  in Chicago , this program  will provide temporary license privilege in the state of Illinois .

Fees for the entire programme is only $38900/-


Country : RUSSIA

Peoples Friendship University of Russia:

  •     founded in 1961
  •     3rd largest in the Russian Federation
  •     One among the best Universities in the World
  •     Fully owned by the Government
  •     more than 2300 students
  •     43 departments and 2 independent courses

420 lecturers – 5 academicians and 2 corresponding members of the Russian academy of medical sciences; 24 academicians and corresponding members of social academies, 15 Honored scientists of the RF, 3 laureates of RF State Prizes, 2 laureates of government State Prizes, 132 full professors and 220 PhDs

Fees for Medical Degree – US$ 7300 per year

Term – 6 years full time

Dean – Victor Alekseevich Frolov, Honored scientist of the RF, Doctor of medical sciences, professor.

The Medical faculty of PFUR has a first-class reputation both in Russia and abroad; its fame rests on the scientists working at the faculty and the graduates. Nowadays, more than 6400 professionals that have been educated at the Medical faculty are working in more than 110 countries of the world. Prominent scientists whose contribution to medical science is well-known, are lecturing and leading practical seminars at the faculty.

In numerous laboratories with up-to-date diagnostic and research equipment, students attempt penetrating into the mysteries of structure and functioning of the human body and learn how to diagnose diseases and apply innovative methods of treatment. The members of the Medical faculty are actively implementing innovative educational programs aimed at teaching new medical technologies to medical staff.

Functioning at the faculty are: the Students’ scientific society that helps students become familiar with research from the beginning; the Young medical doctors’ community; the Students’ theatre «Hippocrates», the lecture center where lectures in literature, music and history are presented. The pre-university education is provided at the «Medik» medical-biological school (preliminary courses).

Today, the Medical faculty of PFUR is equipped with 14 novel clinical laboratories; in the training process, computer testing and TV broadcasting are used. For refinement in practical treatment, subdivisions of computer tomography, lever fiberscanning and andrology have been created.

Main fields of research

The scientific investigations undertaken by the members of the faculty are dedicated to the majority of vital problems of biology and medicine. These are to include: molecular and genetic basis of genetic predisposition to different diseases, molecular and subcellular basis of differentiated reactions to drugs, ecological and physiological problems of adaptation, reproductive health of a woman, molecular mechanisms leading to development of tumors, psychological and social aspects of the problem of extracorporal fertilization, pathogenesis and treatment of heart and coronary diseases, the «PFUR students and employees’ health» project, implementation of novel complex therapy means for treatment of infectious diseases, development of the technology to obtain biologically active substances, studies of hard tooth tissues and parodont in foreign students at PFUR during the adaptation period etc.


Country : CHINA

China Medical University

The collage of basic medical sciences (CBMS) is the base of basic medical education for all the specialities and faculties of China Medical University. It was founded in 1949 and named as CBMS in April 1994.Now CBMS has 397 faculty members. Among them there are 57 professors, 57 associated professors and 92 lectures. CBMS is responsible for the teaching and education of students of all levels: postdoc, students for doctor and master degrees, undergraduates of 5 years, 6 years (foreign language class ) and 7 years trainings, foreign students, trainees of special courses, etc. There are 19 departments and 21 research laboratories, 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Health, and 2 institutes, 2 mobile stations for postdoc, 20 directors for doctor degree and 79 for master degree. CBMS insists on educating students to be good citizens as well as teaching them knowledge and always do its best to improve and modernize its teaching facilities. Now CBMS has 24 laboratories for experimentation, the total value of the equipment is 25 million yuan. The general level of teaching is ranked as “leading ” among comparable collage, 2 teachers were named national and 5 provincial talent teachers. CBMS has undertaken 3 national,2 provincial and 22 university studies on teaching, with 100 papers published. In the past few years our faculty members were the chief-editors of 60,co-editors of 60 national textbooks or major reference books. CBMS has been working on 14 national key research projects, 50 projects funded by National Natural Science Fund, 234 projects funded by health ministry, education commission and provincial government. The total funding amounts to 8 million yuan. CBMS has established cooperative relations with medical collages in Japan, USA, German, UK, Australia, Russia, etc. Ninteen cooperative research projects have been established with 4.7 million yuan funding from abroad. Some of the major research projects of CBMS are leading in China, Some are among the most advanced level of the world.

Tuition Fees – RMB 35000 per year