Russia is amongst the most sought after places when it comes to pursuing medical education. This country provides high quality education to the students from all over the world. Every year, nearly two million aspiring students enroll themselves in medical courses in different universities in Russia . The universities and institutes offer outstanding facilities to the foreign students so that they can enroll themselves without any hassles. Besides this, you can save a considerable amount of money of you pursuing the medical courses from Russia. The Russian institutes also offer M.D degree which is accepted all around the globe. You can pursue the course in Russia and practice as a doctor in any country of your choice. MBBS students can opt for English or Russian language as the medium of instruction. Though a large percentage of foreign students opt for English as the primary medium. If you opt for the Russian language then you have to spend an extra year learning this language.

Russia- A Medical Education Hub

When we look into the global context, Russia is amidst the medical hub for foreign students. With a wide number of universities and institutes offering higher medical education, the students can choose the courses as per their interests. These institutes offer the best combination of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students so that they can become good doctors. With good facilities and transparent educational system, you can make a good career by studying in Russia.

The Benefits

As a student, you will always consider the place that offer the best in terms of medical courses and fee structure. Russian universities offer numerous benefits to the students, some of which include:
  • You do not have to pay any kind of donation to the colleges.
  • There is no specified entrance exam for the courses.
  • The admission process is very easy which makes it perfect for the aspiring candidates.
  • The degrees have been validated by international organizations like WHO and UNESCO.
  • Broad exposure to the students which includes clinical practices and medical trainings.
  • Endless possibilities.
  • Low course fees.
  • Great accommodation facilities.
  • Well equipped hospitals with tertiary care .
  • Advanced teaching facilities.
With the global recognition of the medical degrees, anyone can opt for these courses without any dilemmas. The student and teacher ratio in the medical institutes is 7:1 which is quite good as compared to other countries. The students are taught with latest methods which increases their skills. A streamlined system of education offers the best possibilities to the students. The best thing about MBBS in Russia is that the students do not have to pass an entrance test to enroll themselves in these courses. You can opt for direct admission with the help of study centers  like Student Visa Expert throughout the world. The academic session starts in the month of September and goes on till January. The students can enroll themselves during this period.
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