Interior Decorator is a trained professional who create innovative, attractive, comfortable and functional spaces in the best possible manner. He is also apt to make aesthetic improvements.

Interior Decorator perform these function by involving in a variety of decorating tasks including selection of paint/polish colors and fabrics, choosing and arranging furniture to improve the appearance and functionality of the given area, finding the right kind of flooring while keeping the space in mind, lighting, and window coverings, and choosing attractive accessories.

Although Interior Decorators are well trained to select the things according to the space yet they meet their clients and discuss their needs, preferences, and budget and then they provide their own recommendations and suggestions to finalist the work in the most acceptable manner.

With increasing commercialization and decreasing work space there is a need for optimum use of limited space in most attractive manner. And this urge is not limited to the commercial establishments as in the past. Improving living standard of the general public in the developing countries too has created the need of interior decoration in the residential places too, in fact all the indoor places irrespective of its kind and use.

Keeping in view of emerging trends in life styles a career as an Interior Decorator is an excellent choice for aspiring candidates who have a knack and strong passion for decorating different indoor environments. Creativity, perseverance, excellent artistic skills, and a good sense of style along with right kind of attitude and training can hone the skill of an individual interested to become an Interior Decorator.

As Interior Decorators have to converse with people of different status and other professionals in the same field thus they must also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

How to become an Interior Decorator?

Although no special education or experience is required to pursue this career yet formal training and certification can help one to remain competitive in national and international market. Naturally talented Interior Decorator without any formal qualification or certification have to maintain a portfolio having a collection of samples of their work along with any other documents that can help to show why someone should hire you. The most important part of an Interior Decorator’s portfolio can be photographs of interiors he has decorated.

Letters of recommendation and “design boards” can also make a part of the portfolio to show clients what you recommend to decorate a particular room.

Eligibility to become a certified Interior Decorator

1. Educational Qualification

Pass in Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or equivalent recognized examination in any stream.      
2. Age

There is no restriction with regard to the age of the candidate however some good institution prefers younger people below the age of 18 years as their student.

To become an Interior Decorator one has to follow the below given steps:

Step 1

Candidates who have qualified 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized educational Institution have to apply for a Bachelor in Interior Design or BFA or anyother related area provided by reputed insitutes like National Institute of Design,  Sai School of Interior Design  JJ School of Arts, Mumbai.

Some colleges and universities and private interior decorating schools offer programs in interior decorating covering courses in modern trends, computer-aided design (CAD), colors and fabrics, furniture design, ethics, architecture, lighting, and furnishings.

Step 2

After completion of the course the budding Interior Decorators have to do internships to gain practical experience to make them ready to join some a regular job.

Some countries have make it mandatory for the interior decorators to acquire license. Licensing requirements may vary from country to country or even from state to state but basically include completion of formal training, work experience, and passing a written and practical examination. Some Interior Decorators gain national certification from the National Council of Interior Design Qualification.

Interior Decorator Job Description and Career Prospects

Career prospects for Interior Decorators are expected to increase faster than any other profession thanks to the urbanization and modernization of the society. Interior Decorator can get work in companies that hire people with decorating talent include home builders, manufacturers of furniture and house wares, hotel and restaurant chains, retailers plus interior design and decorating firms. Besides qualified and certified Interior Decorators can work their own and provide their services to a wide range of clients like:

  1. Advertising agencies
  2. Art galleries
  3. Bed and breakfasts
  4. Boutique stores
  5. Corporate head offices
  6. Hotels
  7. Law firms
  8. Model homes for home builders
  9. Museum stores
  10. Public relations firms
  11. Restaurants
  12. Spas etc.

Interior Decorator Salary

To start with one can get nearly Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 in a job with a good organization. With a little experience and competitive innovative and imaginative work Interior Decorator can demand as high as Rs.50,000. There is no upper sealing of income for the professional working independently. In international market interior decorators with 2 to 4 years experience can earn an average annual salaries between $30,000 and $50,000.