Internet helped to bring forth new breed in Media called as Independent Media. These are initiatives made incorporating technology into enlightened media practices.

Independent media initiatives usually run their websites/portals. The public is increasingly using such websites/portals to tell their stories. The option of interactivity found in them helps people to draw multiple and conflicting points of view in each topic. Collaborative news production model are become a norm here. It makes users getting involved in news gathering process. It is potentially a radical shift from who is in control of information and how information is shared. The below given are some of the examples:

Ohmy News is South Korean on-line independent news paper started in 2000. First of its kind in the world , it accept, edit and publish articles from its readers. It is estimated that 80% of the site’s content is written by freelance contributors who are mostly ordinary citizens. It has focus on the following areas. National (Korean), World, Middle East, Science & Technology, Arts and Literature, Entertainment, movies and Sports. It also carries exclusive interviews in thematic areas.

There are usually two kinds reporters for Ohmy News. They are Citizen reporters and Featured reporters. Citizen reporters will submit stories to the editorial team, after meeting its editorial policy it gets placed in the website. Not all stories get published, the one who stands out with quality and difference make its way out there. The featured editors usually carry 3 stories per month. All its reporter gets paid, citizen journalist get paid $50 for the articles chosen for publication.

Oh my News has substantially influenced Korean society and politics. It is credited with influencing the election of South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun in 2002.

Though it was a success in South Korea, OhmyNews’ Japan-based citizen-participatory journalism site called OhmyNews Japan got failed.

Indy Media is a global network of participatory journalists. They run websites/portals/news-wires to reach and to be reached. Independent media collectives are formed each region/country/city for this purpose. At present they have over 153 websites covering 35 countries. Media reports with a generally non-corporate perspective on political and social issues find their place in Indy media websites. More over, Indy media uses an open publishing process that allows anybody to contribute.

Open Democracy is one of the independent website on global current issues. It is characterised by pool of experts in editorial and reporting team. It is non conventional in the sense that it provides scope for discussion at various level. The articles/news item by experts stimulates critical analysis, and it helps to create dialogue and debate about international politics and culture. It also helps to link citizens around the world based on issues and perspectives.

Wikinews is a free-content news source wiki . It is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. The writing process is completely public. Anyone at any time can compose a new Wikinews article and edit an existing one.

Other interesting initiatives in the direction of independent media practices include: