IBAT College Dublin offers a number of internationally recognised Undergraduate, Postgraduate business programmes including MBA. Our International Admissions Team will be in Kochi on 6th March to counsel and advise you through both academic admission as well as student visa processes. Located right in the heart of Dublin City Centre on the south bank of the River Liffey our location offers students top class education facilities surrounded by a host of amenities (galleries, restaurants, cinemas, shops) and a location steeped in history and culture.

The process to apply for full time study in Ireland as a Non EU citizen is very straight forward and easy process to complete. The course fees on offer at IBAT College are very competitive and offer great value to applicants.
Major attraction of studying in Ireland is that you could get a 1 year post study work permit after successful completion of you course. There are also many scholarships on offer from IBAT College. Please feel free to mail us at ibat@svisa.co.uk for more information. 
Contact Student Visa Expert for more details on spot Admission.