Mutual funds have become one of the most trusted investments  in the hands of investors in last couple of decades. The companies or organizations which facilitate investment in Mutual Funds are known as Asset Management Companies.

Fund Manager is the  financial experts apt and responsible for managing the Asset Under Manangemnt of their AMC’s. These companies are responsible for apprising large number of investors of the options available in the mutual funds.

Fund Managers are responsible for not only managing the investment but also for providing their clients, whether individual or institutional the necessary advice.

Increasing participation of the general public in the mutual funds has given an impetus to this profession in the recent past.

Like other conventional professions career as a Fund Manager is also providing a lot of opportunities to show their talent and earn respect and money by the younger generation

Eligibility to become a Fund Manager

1. Educational Qualifications

Minimum qualification for becoming a Fund Manager is at least an undergraduate degree in commerce, economics or in finance.

However to be a successful Fund Manager the aspiring candidate should be a Postgraduate in the relevant subjects -like  MBA with specialization in finance .

Various investment management courses run by the organization like stock exchanges can also be handy to get the job.

2. Age

There is no restriction with regard to the age of the candidate.

How to become a Fund Manager?

One must have a strong education background either in commerce, economics or in business administration or in finance.

Step 1

After getting the necessary qualification the aspiring candidate has to join some Asset Management Company to gain firsthand experience of the market condition.

Step 2

After getting enough experience and knowledge while working with  AMC’s one can start his own business alone or by registering a AMC with requisite permission from the relevant authorities.

Fund Manager Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

There are nearly 33 Mutual Fund companies in all over India managing funds to the tune of  Rs. 470.04 bn. Going by   these facts it can be easily assumed that the prospects for the Funds Managers are quite bright in the near future.

Fund Manager Salary

As far as Fund Managers salary is concerned, one cannot count the monetary returns of the right persons in this profession. Efficient fund managers can demand as much as  Rs.1,00,000 per months.

Some of the Assent Management Companies in India where they  can look for job are:

  1. ABN AMRO Mutual Fund
  2. Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
  3. Bank of Baroda Mutual Fund (BOB Mutual Fund)
  4. HDFC Mutual Fund
  5. HSBC Mutual Fund
  6. ING Vysya Mutual Fund
  7. Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund
  8. Sahara Mutual Fund
  9. State Bank of India Mutual Fund
  10. Tata Mutual Fund
  11. Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
  12. Unit Trust of India Mutual Fund
  13. Reliance Mutual Fund
  14. Standard Chartered Mutual Fund
  15. Franklin Templeton India Mutual Fund
  16. Escorts Mutual Fund
  17. Alliance Capital Mutual Fund
  18. Benchmark Mutual Fund
  19. Canbank Mutual Fund
  20. Chola Mutual Fund
  21. LIC Mutual Fund
  22. GIC Mutual Fund