Like many other great assets, education comes expensive especially from abroad. When a student plans to study in a foreign college or university, one of the major concerns is funding. From living expenses to books, tuitions and college fees, students may stress up their mind for a secure financial aid. Scholarships for international students can ease the burden of financial expenses. For international students there are many institutions offering scholarships for studies abroad.

Sources of Scholarships

Scholarships have great brand promotional value for the institution. Awards and financial aid in the form of scholarship is one of the best ways to attract meritorious students in any institution. These students will be making valuable contribution to the activities of the institution. Financial aid in the form of internships and fellowships allows institutions to produce quality professional representatives for their institution.

Besides educational institutions, there are many other organisations that offer scholarships to international students. These includes

  • Human resource ministries of various countries
  • Charitable trusts
  • Charities and fraternal organisations
  • Religious organisations
  • Employers
  • Corporations
  • Individuals

Eligibility Criterion

There are thousands of scholarships available for students at different levels. Students from any discipline and varying background can apply for these financial aid packages. Practically each and every student will find some sort of scholarship, if he or she applies for one. One will be considered for some of the scholarships automatically as a result of the admission process.

Considerations for the award of different scholarships vary and one needs to pay close attention to these considerations while applying. Academic achievements are certainly one of the significant criterions but along with academics, the following activities play crucial role in the final decisions regarding allotment of different scholarships.
  • Community activities
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Sports activities
  • Talents and hobbies
  • Ethnic background
  • Physical disability

For more information, students can always talk to their counsellor or financial aid officers at their respective colleges and universities. In case one is pursuing his or her studies, one can always talk to their financial aid advisors and officers.

How to Apply

International students can apply online for most of the scholarships available . One need not apply for the scholarships, for which one will be considered automatically along with the application process.

Some tips will prove helpful to international students while applying for different scholarships. One of the first things to do is get as much information as possible about the scholarship. For more information, get in touch with the administrator and make a request for more information. This is also the right moment to introduce oneself to the administrator. Take all the help from professionals and friends to make the application clear and concise besides making it as much informative as possible.

Following checklist will help you find out the most relevant material for your application:

Academic Achievements.

Make a list of all your meritorious achievements. Any distinctions you ever got, any standing in the class, any recognition of any sort for your studies.

Extra Curricular Activities.

If you were involved in any extra curricular activities and got recognition, do mention it. After academics, this is the most significant factor in most of the evaluation criteria.


Did you receive any civilian award like student bravery award? Any recognition in the society or community is worth mentioning.


If you’re a member of any club or community, you should highlight it. Were you involved in any social service for the community? Were you part of any youth club? Were you a member of any music group or any other vocational group?

Work Experience

Have you ever worked anywhere? What was your job? What were your achievements? How was your experience?

Exchange Programme

Were you ever involved in some exchange programme at national or international level? Did you ever participate in any cultural exchange programme? Give details about your international experiences and achievements.


What are your hobbies? Make a detailed list of your hobbies and your achievements if any?


If you were ever involved in any sort of large project that has made you proud of your achievements, do list it even if it seems out of place.


If you have any outstanding achievement in sports, do highlight it. In what capacity did you play? Highlight your special skills.


Were you ever part of any student representative body? Mention your post and your achievements during the tenure.

Volunteer Work

Have you ever been part of some sort of volunteer work inside or outside your school? Mention the details.

Pay close attention to all the activities you have been involved with and find out the traits and qualities that have developed as a result of these experiences. Do not forget to highlight those qualities.

How to get Scholarships

There are so many scholarships’ waiting for you, what you need to do is just apply. Just make little effort to find out the relevant awards for you. Fill the required application form with requisite supporting documents. Last thing; do not forget to apply as early as possible. International students applying for study abroad, usually get some sort of support if they try for it.