From November 5, student visa applicants will need to include a confirmation of enrolment ( COE), issued by their intended education provider, as part of their applications.

This will improve processing time as students will no longer need to wait for a pre-visa assessment (PVA) letter to be issued by the department of immigration and citizenship ( DIAC).

Changes have also being made to reduce the financial requirements for assessment level (AL) 3 and 4 students. A reduction in the period of funds to be shown upfront with a visa application should make obtaining a student visa to Australia more competitive with other popular study destinations.

A new genuine temporary entrant (GTE) criterion was also implemented from November 5. The norm will assist Australia to ensure that students are intending a temporary stay only for the purposes of their education. GTE will be assessed by interview in most cases and will consider the student’s background and the value of the course to their future.