Archaeologist is a professional who attempts to discover and analyse the evidences of past civilizations through the help of Archaeological Studies. He is responsible for unveiling a rich store of information about the beliefs, social structure, economic organization and environmental effects of past societies or civilizations. It is the field which is helpful to build the picture of the past and responsible to preserve our ancient culture for the next generations to compare present to past.

With the help of disciplines like Geography, History, Anthropology, Chemistry, Geology, Art and literature etc., an archaeologist analyses the information and draws the conclusions on many past and present issues of importance. Archaeological inputs are considered important in issues such as environmental conservation, urban societies, town planning etc. These discoveries involve a variety of field techniques and laboratory procedures.

Established in 1862, the Archaeological Survey of India is responsible for the maintenance, conservation and preservation of centrally protected monuments and archaeological sites in the country. With the advent of new technology and bent of the youth towards the unconventional professions like this the importance of archaeologist as a professional is increasing with time. Archaeology is now considered as rewarding and challenging career for those who have an analytical mind and have a keen desire to know about the past civilizations.

The main activities of an Archaeologist include fieldwork, excavation of sites and periodical classification of them as well as dating and interpretation of materials so excavated. They probe into the past and define earlier civilizations. Their researches and findings are preserved and maintained for present and future learning. Modern archaeologists have enhanced the accuracy of their work with scientific techniques of carbon dating of artifacts etc. As the work of an archaeologist can affect the present and future of the generations to come thus a great importance is attached with the job of an archaeologist.

So to perform his duties up to hundred percent perfection one should be hard working and dedicated. Archaeologist Career demands intensive foresight and inside depth of the field one is working in. For this one should have the capacity to work hard with commitment, open mind and honesty. Thus to do his work most effectively he requires special knowledge and training which can be acquired by going through a particular kind of studies and required training.

Eligibility to become an Archaeologist

1. Archaeologist Qualifications

Basic qualification to get admission in courses related to Archaeologist is 10+2.

2. Age

No specific age requirement is there.

How to become an Archaeologist?

To be an Archaeologist one has to follow the below given steps:-

Step 1

To become an Archaeologist, one needs to have a graduation degree with History as a subject and minimum 55 % marks.

Step 2

With above qualification in hand one can Apply for:

  • One year Diploma or
  • Two year Post graduation Diploma or
  • Post graduation (M.A. / M.Sc.) (of 2 years of duration) in different fields of Archaeology.
  • However, admission to the two year Post Graduate diploma course at the prestigious “The Institute of Archaeology”, the academic wing of the Archeological Survey of India in New Delhi, is on the basis of a written exam and an interview.

Step 3

After undergoing any one or more of the above mentioned course one can either go for the higher studies (Phd. after completion of Post graduation only) or opt for job in various private and public sector organization involved in this field.

Archaeologist Job Description and Career Prospects

There is a great scope for the qualified archaeologist in various public and private organizations including Archeological Survey of India that provides Diploma course to the aspirants. A degree holder in Archaeology can work as tourist guide, heritage managers, interpreters, resource persons of trip organizers in the tourism industry.

However if one wants to join some government organization he has to take up examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission or examinations conducted by Staff Selection Commission. In government sector, the successful candidates in the tests are absorbed in Defence services, museums, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, cultural centers and historical division of the Ministry of External Affairs to name a few.

Besides all these opportunities in our own country, the Archaeologist have great scope abroad for jobs as well as research in various colleges and universities offering for it with well furnished research programmes.

Archaeologist Salary

Because of the global demand of the Archaeologist and supply being far less than the demand, these professionals can bargain for hefty pay packages from their employers. For a start, an Archaeologist  can expect a salary  in the range of Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 per month. Whereas experienced and qualified professionals can demand salary packages ranging from 5 lakhs per annum to around 8 lakhs per annum.