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Student Visa Expert, based out of Kochi, with more than a decade’s experience, has been helping realise the dream of furthering the academic & professional aspirations of youth, intent upon migrating abroad.

Student Visa Expert has, in the recent past, helped students migrate to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and countries in the European Union.

Besides helping out students with the requisite advisory and documentary stipulations, Student Visa Expert prides itself as being probably the only firm among its contemporaries that imparts free IELTS coaching to its student clientele, thus acting as “finishing school” for those aspiring to study abroad.

Education Abroad – Why it is a win-win situation all the way:

A few points that help develop real competitive advantages over students who never venture abroad to study, including

  • Improved skills in communicating in a  foreign language
  • Better perspective and understanding of international viewpoints and a general growth in becoming a more cosmopolitan world citizen
  • Helps build confidence and self reliance when studying, working and living in an environment alien to ones own culture.
  • Higher degree of tolerance and ability to view international opinions from an angle other than one biased by a single country’s media report.
  • Greater flexibility and being more ambiguous towards tackling situations arising from being in situations beyond one’s comfort levels.

Career benefits from being educated abroad:

It is a known fact that employers give added weightage for skills and work experiences acquired abroad. This is very much evident in the added confidence levels projected by professionals returning to their country of origin with added inter-personal skills which lift them to a higher plane when inter-acting with colleagues and superiors in the field of activity. Studying abroad identifies you as informed, confident, self-sufficient, and able to learn quickly and adapt to changing conditions – an extremely valuable asset in the highly completive job-market.

Income earned from jobs abroad, after acquiring the requisite educational qualifications of the from abroad, helps the individuals to earn higher pay packets generally deemed as impossible vis-à-vis individuals learning the same set skills in their native countries:

Researches such as those conducted by the IES have shown that studying abroad has a very significant impact on a young person’s life and continues to be a positive impact personally as well as career-wise for the rest of their years.

What we do

  • Career Counselling & Course Selection
  • University Selection
  • IELTS Coaching
  • Bank Loan Assistance
  • Visa Guidance
  • Travel, Forex & Accommodation Assistance