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In today’s highly competitive job market, achieving an MBA from a reputable continental business school is another way to stand out from the crowd; half of all MBAs in Europe are in the UK. Employers know that MBA graduates from European business schools will possess international skills (including at least two languages), proven commitment and a flexibility that is a great asset in the eyes of an international corporation.


Spain is an increasingly popular destination for international  MBA students. In addition to its more obvious selling points – the climate, relaxed lifestyle and cuisine – applicants are being seduced by the prestige and international flavour of the programmes on offer. Spanish schools have seen a steep rise in international applicants who in addition to the internationally renowned courses, are keen to master Spanish, the second most widely spoken language in the world.


France has some of the most reputable business schools in the world. They have the distinct quality of being (relatively) cheap as they enjoy generous subsidies from the local ‘chambre de commerce’, of which both national and international students can take advantage. This close relationship with business has many benefits; not least the hands-on practical experience students receive during the MBA. This relationship also creates a very strong alumni network, which in turn means French companies increasingly employ large numbers of foreigners to management positions, a reflection of the continuing drive for globalization. The ability to speak French is a bonus but not a necessity; most institutions teach their MBA programmes in both French and English, in order to compete with the large American schools.

If planning to study for an MBA abroad then Europe has several advantages as a destination over the United States. The style of teaching tends to be practical rather than academic. American business schools are often criticised for failing to adequately link learning to a real business environment, being too theoretical and thus ineffective. Secondly, the European programmes are normally shorter, on average 10–15 months in contrast to the two-year standard at American schools. This has the effect of saving time and money and is a real bonus to those who can’t afford to spend too long away from their family or current job.

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