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Several scholarships are available to students wishing to complete their studies in Canada.

Commonwealth Scholarship Plan (CSP).

Graduate Students’ Exchange Program (GSEP) Awards are available to citizens enrolled full-time in selected countries for research in Canada (including the Canada-Caribbean Community Leadership Scholarships).

Eligible countries include:
Asia-Pacific region: Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Kiribati, Malaysia, Maldives, Nauru, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme scholarships are available to graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines. Students must have been accepted at an Ontario university, and should have obtained a valid student authorization. Social Science and Humanities Research Council is Canada’s funding agency for university-based research and graduate training in social sciences and humanities which embrace a wide range of disciplines and fields of knowledge.

Simon Fraser University (SFU), India Entrance Scholarship
For the first time at Simon Fraser University (SFU), students graduating from high schools in India and accepted into undergraduate programs at SFU can apply for an Outstanding SFU India Entrance Scholarship. SFU is offering three scholarships, worth $10,000 each, to students entering undergraduate programs from India and graduating with the highest academic standings in their high schools.

This special scholarship program complements other entrance scholarships for international students that SFU already offers. These other scholarships range in value from $2,500 to $10,000.

Only students entering SFU during the Fall 2008 semester are eligible for the three special scholarships. They need to have submitted a scholarship application by April 30th, 2008 to be considered.
SFU is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities with a growing community of more than 25,000 students, 800 Faculty and 90,000 alumni worldwide.

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships Plan:
The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan was created in 1960 to enable Commonwealth students of high intellectual promise to pursue studies in Commonwealth countries other than their own. While India offers the awards to eight countries, Indian students receive them from seven countries viz., Australia, Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Nigeria and Trinidad and Tobago. External Scholarships Division of the Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education is responsible for operating the plan.

K C Mahindra Scholarship Trust
c/o Resident General Manager,
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Jeewan Deep Building8 Parliament Street
New Delhi – 110001
Scholarships for school students as well as for higher studies overseas

Ministry of Human Resource Development (Deptt. of Education)
External Scholarships Division
ES-3 Section A.1/W.3 Curzon Road BarracksKasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi – 110001
This department co-ordinates a large number of international scholarships in specialised as well as general areas that are offered to Indians by governments of other countries and by the Commonwealth

Sahu Jain Trust
4th Floor, Times House7, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi – 110002
Loan scholarships for higher studies in India and Overseas

J N Tata Endowment
Bombay House24, Homi Mody Street
Mumbai – 400001
Loan scholarships for higher studies abroad

Mariwala Trust
411, 4th Floor,
Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate,
Dr.E Moses Road,
Mumbai – 400018
Phone – 4938307/ Fax – 4974074
Loan scholarships for higher studies overseas

Inlaks Foundation
PO Box 2108
Delhi – 110007
Full scholarships for higher studies overseas

Chief Executive
R D Sethna Scholarship Fund
29, H Somani Marg, Fort
Mumbai – 400001
Loan Scholarships for higher studies

Sir Mathuradas Vissanji Foundation
Commercial Union House
9, Wallace Street, Fort
Mumbai – 400001
Scholarships for higher studies

Scholarship Committee
Rotary Foundation
A-1/85, Panchsheel Enclave
New Delhi – 110017
Scholarships for studies overseas, and in India

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute offers a number of fellowships at various levels, from graduate to post-doctorate, and from research and training fellowships, to lectureships.

Other Scholarships Available to Study in Canada
Awards available for students from other Commonwealth countries interested in graduate study from Canada.

The Government of Canada offers scholarships as part of the Commonwealth Scholarship Plan (CSP). These scholarships are tenable at recognized public Canadian institutions and affiliated research institutes only. The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program (CCSP) is designed to provide opportunities to students of other Commonwealth countries to pursue research and studies in Canada.

Awards available to foreign students for graduate study/research in Canada
The Government of Canada offers different types of awards to citizens of various countries, as part of the Government of Canada Awards Program (GCA). These scholarships are tenable at recognized public Canadian institutions and affiliated research institutes only.
The Government of Canada Awards Program (GCA) is designed to provide opportunities for students of foreign countries to pursue research and studies in Canada.

The Government of Canada Awards Program is funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT, which also determines the number of scholarships available each year. The agency responsible for financial and administrative matters is the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).
Awards available under this program include:

  • Graduate Students’ Exchange Program (GSEP) Awards available to citizens enrolled full-time in selected countries for research in Canada (including the Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarships)

Eligible countries include:
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela

IMPORTANT: The Canadian institution must apply on behalf of the student

  • College and Undergraduate Students’ Exchange Program (CUSEP) Available to citizens enrolled full-time in selected countries for study in Canada (including the Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarships)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships (PDRF) Awards available to pursue research at the Post-Doctoral Level in Canada

Eligible countries include: Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea and Switzerland

  • Government of Canada Awards Program – Mexico Awards available to Mexican citizens for graduate study/research in Canada
  • Awards available to students from other OAS member states for graduate study or research in Canada

The Canadian Bureau for International Education does NOT administer the competition for these awards. Applications CANNOT be submitted online via this Internet website. Applicants must contact the official agencies designated by each government, as per the list provided on a following page. The following information is provided as guidelines for prospective applicants from OAS Member States other than Canada.
Those who may apply for an OAS fellowship are citizens or permanent residents of an OAS member state who hold a university degree or who have demonstrated ability to pursue advanced studies in the field chosen. Fellowships are awarded to carry out graduate studies or research in any field, with the exception of the medical sciences and related areas, and introductory language studies. Candidates must know the language of the host country.
Duration and Types of Fellowships
Fellowships are granted for periods over three months, but not more than two years.
There are two types of fellowships:

  • Advanced study at the graduate level (to pursue a study program in a university in the host country);
  • Research

Countries Where Tenable
Any of the OAS member countries (Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, CANADA, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela) with the exception of the country of which the candidate is a citizen or permanent resident.
Citizens or permanent residents of Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Trinidad & Tobago may also be eligible for scholarships under the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program. Please consult: Commonwealth Scholarship Plan information on this website.

Remember to check with the student awards office at the institution you hope to attend to determine which scholarship, bursary or financial assistance programs you may qualify for. University and college libraries, as well as public libraries, are good sources of information on scholarships offered by private companies and other governments. Many bursary programs, often for specific disciplines or institutions, are also listed on the Internet.
Be sure to visit the website of the Ontario Student Assistance Program for information on provincially administered loans and bursaries.

Useful Links for Scholarship to Study in Canada
For Canadian Students:

  • AUCC: Higher Education Scholarships: www.aucc.ca
  • (all except the Programme canadien de bourses de la Francophonie)
  • Cambridge Commonwealth Trust: www.admin.cam.ac.uk/univ/gsprospectus/funding/overseas/
  • Canada-US Fulbright Program: www.fulbright.ca
  • Chevening Scholarship Programme: www.britishcouncil.org/canada-education-students-chevening-scholarships.htm
  • CRÉPUQ:www.echanges-etudiants.crepuq.qc.ca/Accueil.php3?id_article=202
  • Government of Canada International Youth Programs: www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca
  • Service Canada: www.youth.gc.ca
  • The Trudeau Foundation: www.trudeaufoundation.ca/trudeaufoundation/program?l=en
  • Youth on the Move: www.international.gc.ca/canada-europa/youth/funded_eu-en.asp

For International Students:
Canadian Francophone Scholarships Program:www.boursesfrancophonie.ca/Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund grants interest free loans for studies in the United States

  • www.scholarships.gc.ca/Leo S Rowe Loans Program.pdf
  • Study in Canada: www.livelearnandsucceed.gc.ca
  • SEAMEO-Jasper Research Award: www.seameo.org/vl/library/dlwelcome/projects/jasper/general/jasper.htm

For both Canadians and Non-Canadians:

  • Association of Canadian Community Colleges: www.accc.ca
  • Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC): www.cicic.ca/en/index.aspx
  • Canadian Studies Programs of the
  • International Council of Canadian Studies: www.cdnstudies.ca/b_programs/b_progsICCSen.html
  • Canlearn: www.canlearn.ca/
  • Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan: www.csfp-online.org
  • DestinEducation: www.destineducation.ca/intro_e.htm
  • Endeavour Programme: www.endeavour.dest.gov.au/
    Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships:
  • www.endeavour.dest.gov.au/awards_by_country/for_other/iprs.htm
  • Humboldt Foundation: www.humboldt-foundation.de/en/stiftung/index.htm
  • Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute: www.sici.org/shastri/english/programmes.htm
  • UNESCO Study Abroad Guide: www.unesco.org/education/studyingabroad/networking/studyabroad.shtml