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A scholarship is an award of access to a student to further education. Study Abroad Scholarships are awarded on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Scholarships are very popular among the students who are looking to study abroad. These students are basically known as International students. International student scholarships are very competitive to secure. The competition is very much and the students who are not able to get the scholarship rely exclusively on themselves and their relatives for funding and education loan.

There are reasonable numbers of scholarships for Post Graduate and PhD courses in United States of America for International Student. But for Undergraduate courses there are only limited scholarships available.

1.Fulbright Fellowships for Indian Citizens:

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Fulbright Fellowship is awarded to Indian Nationals who can contribute to a full and fair picture of the culture and civilization of India, and thereby help to promote understanding and friendship between the peoples of the United States of America and India.

What is the eligibility for this scholarship?

A student needs to have high level of academic/professional achievement & demonstrate proficiency in the English language to undertake the proposed project/program and adjust to life in the U.S.


What is the application procedure of this application?

One can obtain Application material from a USIEF office. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped (Rs. 25.00) 10″ × 7″ envelope along with the application to the USIEF office in your region. You must state your academic/professional qualifications, date of birth, present position, and fellowship category in your request letter. Only fully completed applications (including enclosures, if any) must be submitted through the appropriate administrative authority (Vice-Chancellor/Registrar/Director/Principal), if applicable, to the USIEF office within your region

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2.Ambassadorial Scholarships by The Rotary Foundation:

Who can apply for this scholarship?

This is one of the world’s largest privately funded international scholarships program. Formed in 1947, The Rotary foundation has encouraged 38,000 men and women from almost 100 countries of the world. The purpose of the Ambassadorial Scholarships program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries and geographical areas. The program sponsors several types of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies.

What is the application procedure of this application?

Interested applicants must apply for Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships through their local Rotary club. Because timelines vary, only your local club can provide specific information about application deadlines. For 2010-11 awards, club deadlines may be as early as 1 March 2009 or as late as 15 August 2009. For more information on application procedure , visit the following link: