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We at Student Visa Expert help Nurses who have qualified in India as a BSc Nurse or GNM Nurse to practice in Australia and United Kingdom as a Registered Nurse, after a bridging programme done in these respective countries.

United Kingdom requires IELTS 7 and above.

Nurses who have scored above 7 or who are willing to do an IELTS training with us, which is provided free of cost in our centre has a great opportunity to become a registered Nurse in the U.K. The process of becoming a Registered nurse in the U.K. is very simple, and we can assist you in the entire process.

The process to become a registered nurse starts from the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council – U.K.) Registration which can be done from India and then do an ONP (Overseas Nursing Programme) with a UK University. Nurses who qualify to do this programme can enter the U.K. in a TIER 2 visa valid for two years.


Australia welcome nurses qualified outside Australia to fill their Healthcare industry shortages and in the mean time they are also particular on the quality of nurses coming to Australia.

IELTS below 7

There is a simple route for Nurses who have secured an IELTS score below 7. The first step is to register with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority) which is the regulatory board which governs the registration on medical practitioners in Australia. After applying with APHRA nurses have an option of going to Australia to do an OET (Occupational English Test) and score a B grade. After successful completion of the OET programme, nurses have to do a Bridging programme with a University in Australia to practice as a register nurse in Australia.

Australia: IELTS 7 and above.

Procedure for a Nurse who have scored IELTS above 7 to become a registered nurse in Australia is almost the same as above, the only difference is that they can skip the OET programme and go directly to the Bridging Programme.